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Become a Lash Artist.

How to choose the right lash course for your career.

Your education is the first BIG decision of your lashing career. A quality education is not cheap. You want to be sure you are investing your money wisely and that your course will properly prepare you for success as a lash artist.

Here are some things for you to consider before investing in training:

Compare schools. 

Ask detailed questions about the material provided and be sure you have chosen the most comprehensive option. There is so much that needs to be learned. Far more than just the basic technique. You want your course manual to cover lessons on; the eyes and eyelashes, health and hygiene considerations, decontamination processes, details about allergies and sensitivities and how to handle them, contraindications, client consultations, product knowledge, application process, removal process, troubleshooting and so much more! Your course should include a minimum of two days in class with your educator, 8 - 12 hours of supervised hands-on practice with models, and homework modules to make up all the lessons.

Don’t let location be your deciding factors.

Sometimes it's worth it to travel for your course. If the best option is a plane ride away, make sure your passport is up to date! Why settle for a subpar program? Choosing which program to invest in, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Some may argue it's THE MOST important!

What Support Is Available?

How will you be supported by your educator after certification? Your learning process will continue long after your two day course. You will need somewhere to go for answers for several weeks after graduating, no matter how comprehensive the program was. Does your academy of choice offer mentorship to graduates? Or perhaps the school has online access to tutorials and information for their students.

Ask Questions!

How much experience does your educator have?

Is the training program accredited? If so, by which agency?

Is the school insured as an education facility?

How many students will there be per instructor? (Ideal ratio is 5:1)

How many hours of hands-on training are included? (Ideal hours is 8-12)

Does your kit included everything you need to get started?

Read reviews and student testimonials.

How many of their previous graduates were satisfied with their training? Are their graduates successful?

Take your time, do your research, but most of all - don't settle! 

You will find a list of NALA Accredited Lash Courses on the NALA Global Directory.

NALA Accreditation is the greatest accolade a lash academy can achieve. Earning the NALA Seal of Accreditation is the equivalent of earning Michelin Stars for a restaurant. We've done the research for you to take the guess work out of finding a quality lash course.

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