The National Association of Lash Artists offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering Academy Accreditation, Lash Educator Programs, NALA Memberships and International Industry Awards.

NALA is dedicated to nurturing the growth and sustainability of our professional trade. This association, in a very short time, has been instrumental in improving professional standards for lash artists, lash educators and most recently, product manufacturers and suppliers.

NALA President, Levi Shephard, spent seven years researching and collaborating with beauty industry experts in several countries, consulting with lash artists and educators around the globe and studying existing industry guidelines already in place. This vital research has provided insight to the common concerns of the lash world and their best solutions. The NALA Standards for the lash trade are discussed and decided by the NALA Board of Advisors, which consists of both industry and non-industry personnel. 

about the lash artist directory

Eyelash extensions have become THE MOST requested beauty treatment for the past several years. It seems like everyone is sporting longer, fuller lashes! 

It's common to feel nervous about choosing a lash artists. Working around your eyes is a big deal. You want to be certain that your lash artist is fully qualified and follows safe practices. You want to fully enjoy the benefits of a more luscious lash line without ANY worry.

The NALA Global Directory is a great tool to connect you with a qualified lash artist in your area. 


The directory ONLY lists NALA Members. These association members have successfully completed the NALA Membership Application process. This means that everyone in our directory has undergone an intense review process and has PROVEN their ability to safely and accurately apply eyelash extensions. These quality professionals meet or exceed the association’s standards for professional practice.

All NALA Members are bound to the NALA Professional Guidelines and the NALA Code of Ethics and the NALA Decontamination Guide for sanitation processes.

You are in safe, capable hands with a NALA Accredited Member.

about the lash academy directory

Looking for an exceptional Training Academy that offers NALA Accredited Lash Courses?

It can be overwhelming when trying to decide which lash course is right for you. This directory was created to take the guess work out of your lash education. WE HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH FOR YOU.

Back in 2016 the NALA Board of Advisors comprised a lengthy list of what should be taught in lash treatments training courses. This list includes information from multiple resources around the world. Our requirements are thoughtfully updated annually and all accredited academies must implement the annual updates in order to maintain their NALA Accredited status. 


It is NOT easy to earn the NALA Seal of Accreditation. Our Seal of Accreditation cannot simply be purchased. In fact, only about 2% of our applicants have passed so far. We are working with our applicants to help them achieve accredited status, but we never compromise on our standards or requirements. 

The NALA Global Directory of Accredited Lash Training Courses is an elite group of the top educational facilities in the world. You can be confident that your'e making the right choice when you choose a NALA Accredited course.

Lash Artists that complete NALA Accredited training courses are also entitled to a discount on their annual NALA Membership should they choose to join.